BRiC's Collective Voice

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Our private network holds weekly guided discussions (amongst other activities). 

These discussions offer our members an opportunity to share their emotions and experiences as well as engage in lively debate. Discussions are centered around the many challenges women face as they live with breast cancer and its effects. 

Where relevant, we refer to research and theory. Our discussions are summarised for the public and shared on our social media platforms to educate and raise awareness of the psychological and mental challenges facing women after diagnosis and beyond. They include evidence based suggestions for improving quality of life.

These summaries are known as BRiC’s Collective Voice. 

Ø  Living and coping with breast cancer

Ø Understanding and managing emotions

Ø Who we are and what we need

Ø Support

Archived Weekly Discussion Summaries can be found here.

A message from our lovely and unforgettable late Vicky Wilkes, deputy head of BRiC, to all of us

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Katie said...

This is an amazing resource. Having taken part in some of these discussions I always find them useful and interesting. I often learn something new or discover a new resource. I am so grateful to Naz and the BRiC team. K