Who is the blog for?

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The blog is open to women of any age living in the UK, including women with a primary or secondary diagnosis as well as women who have completed their treatment.  It is for those women to share their experience and thoughts about resilience in breast cancer, or for others to read about resilience in breast cancer.


Betty P. Notzon said...

In The Orange Dragon Bowl, the protagonist, 15-year-old Julie Tyler, finds her freshman year of high school just about swallowed up by her mother’s breast cancer. Because her mother is BRCA1-positive, she opts for a double mastectomy. Then there’s chemo, RT, chemo-related leukopenia, ICU care to fend off multisystem failure, etc. I have started a blog about the common, but mostly uncommon, experiences Julie’s mother has, such a mourning the loss of her breasts. I have taken an upbeat approach in the book because I want it to entertain and uplift as well.


Unknown said...

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