Saturday, 9 May 2020

The healing power of our pets: BRiC's Collective Voice

Our Sunday discussion talked about Pets: our dogs, cats, fish, horses, and many more ….

Without exception, those of us who had or have pets emphasised how important their role has been in our well-being. ‘Unconditional love’ came top! Yes, our pets give us unconditional love, they are there for us, and listen to us without judgement.

Some of us talked about how our pets ‘knew’ something was wrong, how they sensed our vulnerabilities through treatment, they ‘knew’. They were by our side, they made us smile. They made us feel comforted. This companionship was especially noted during breast cancer treatment, where we were highly sensitive and appreciated unconditional love.

The benefits of having pets is documented by research that shows pets trigger empathy and acts of kindness. Their ‘unconditional love’ can be an excellent source of therapeutic comfort. Talking to them, listening to them, and caring for them bring positive effects to our well-being.

“My dog is the best therapy ever. I can't tell you how much we all love him. He makes me smile from the second I open my eyes. My fatigue is also lifting with all my walking 🐕 he literally is the best therapy ever 😍

Walking our pets, cuddling them on the sofa, and feeding them help us gain the motivation, to get up and keep going. They give us a reason to carry on.

Our pets give us much fun, they bring us entertainment and make us feel relaxed. Here's a preview: 

Some of us talked about the saddening experience of our own pets getting cancer, those who had to be put to sleep, and how we missed their company.

If you are a woman in the UK with a diagnosis of breast cancer and would like to join our private group please message us here or leave your name in the comments.


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