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Who can submit a post

The blog is open to any woman living in the UK who has had a diagnosis of breast cancer - women of any age and at any stage in their treatment, including women with a primary diagnosis, women with a secondary diagnosis and women who have completed their treatment, even if this is some time ago.

We have put together a few things we would encourage you to consider before submitting a blog. 

These suggestions are intended to protect you and create a safe, supportive and respectful space.

Privacy and Confidentiality of posts

The blog is a public platform which is easily accessible to anyone with internet access across the world. This means that you could be identified by your name and/or other personal details.   

  • You can submit your post anonymously if you wish, but if you prefer to use your name, we suggest that you use just your first name so that you are not identifiable to anyone searching for your name on any of the search engines. 
  • We will not publish the details about your hospital or staff treating you - they have a right to confidentiality too. 
  • We are willing to publish photographs of you and your family if you can confirm their agreement for the photographs to be used. 
What we are not willing to publish on the blog

This is not a platform for debating political issues affecting breast cancer, including the benefits - or not - of specific treatments, alternative therapies, or related issues. Given that Naz has an interest in research, we are willing to share blogs that highlight the findings of research in relation to psychological resilience as well as the chance to comment, but we will want to ensure that the ideas and opinions in the research have been appropriately validated.  

While we want this to be a space to celebrate the achievements of women who have experienced breast cancer, it is not a platform for promoting and advertising products.

Linked to the above, while we would love to hear about any experiences you have had, or indeed plans you have, to fund-raise, we do not want the blog to simply become a platform for promoting fundraising (as important as this is).

Posts can be submitted by email to


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