Sunday, 4 February 2018

World Cancer Day 2018 #WeCanICan

Today, February 4th, is World Cancer Day.

To mark World Cancer Day 2018 we are shining a light on the members of our private group, all amazing and extraordinary women who come together to support one another to reduce the impact that cancer has on us as individuals, our families and our communities.

Just as cancer affects everyone in different ways, we all have the power to act in varied ways. Here at the BRiC Centre, our focus on promoting psychological resilience forms part of a collective initiative highly relevant to the tagline ‘We can. I can,' chosen for World Cancer Day 2018 which sets out to explore how everyone – as a collective or as individuals – can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer.

For World Cancer Day, we will be sharing a series of photo montages of us and our members celebrating the many and varied ways we practice our resilience. Bringing together women living with primary and secondary breast cancer, we will be highlighting the many ways we continue living with and beyond breast cancer, with individual photos of just a few of our incredible members alongside several montages of our thriving, diverse group.

Our private, psycho-educational support provides a secure platform for us to engage in rich discussions on relevant research on the psychological impact of cancer diagnosis and treatment on cognitive health and emotional well-being in a guided manner.

We aim to to pave a pathway of well-being towards resilience and cognitive flexibility, to promote adaptability, strength and courage. Our group is diverse and our members highly supportive of each other. It is open to women of any age and at any stage in their treatment, including women with a primary diagnosis of breast cancer, women with secondary breast cancer and those who have finished their treatment.

We also have a blog 'Panning for Gold', launched on World Cancer Day 2016, which provides an inclusive space representing the many voices of women with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Some of our member meet-ups around the UK.
Our online private group is a hugely supportive environment where we 
develop lasting friendships so it's lovely to actually meet face to face.

More of our incredible members! 
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Not the last word....
We hope you've enjoyed our feature for World Cancer Day 2018. Naz, who is Head of the BRiC Centre, the centre's deputies, Vicky and Tamsin, our ambassadors, Anita, Caroline, Jenny and Jan make a difference each and every day through our collective and individual efforts to support women with primary and secondary breast cancer. We can - by running our centre and our amazing group, by offering support, kindness and wisdom, by writing blogs, by considering relevant research, by sharing engaging articles, by having guided discussions and by providing a safe, kind environment for our members, fostering their resilience. Always, always, we go on. Slowly. Quietly. Never giving up.

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