Monday, 5 February 2018

It's Been Five Years Since My Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer And I'm Only Just Beginning To Move On ~ Tamsin ~ HuffPostUK Blog

"Modern medicine saved my life, but it also left my body broken. I am finally ready to move on, and I take my cancer forward into the future".

We are pleased to share this stunning account on HuffPost UK by our own Tamsin Sargeant, deputy head of BRiC, describing beautifully the uncertainty by which we live post cancer diagnosis, taking our cancer forward into the future. The 'miracle of science' has saved her life, twice, yet she feels like many that her psychological well-being is broken, hurt and abandoned. The 'cover story', the account by which we learn how to accept and adjust to our cancer related experiences, rarely captures fully the complexities and psychological roller coasters that we go through. We continue, nevertheless.

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