Weekly Discussions

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Our guided, weekly evening discussions centre around the many challenges we face as women living with breast cancer and its effects. Where relevant, we refer to research and theory, and our discussions offer an opportunity to share our emotions and experiences as well as engage in lively debate.
Topics have been richly varied, including work, diet, how to talk to children, the meaning of life, secondary breast cancer, emotional suppression, chemo-brain, post-traumatic growth and finding happiness in the little things.
If you are a woman living in the UK with a diagnosis of breast cancer and you would like to join our private group, please contact us through our public facebook page: Centre for Building Resilience in Breast Cancer


Weekly Discussion Summary Links:


Emotion Suppression
Repression (Avoiding)
Finding Happiness in the Little Things

Calming Strategies for Anxiety
Anger 2
Anger 3
Guilt 1
Guilt 2

Coping with Fear
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Lack of Psychological Support after Cancer
Survivor's Guilt

Dealing with fear of recurrence
Balancing Positive and Negative Emotions
Turning Down the Volume on Cancer
Stepping stones towards resilience
Building Psychological Well-Being
Grief and Resilience
Can we use adversity to grow in 'positive' ways?
Can we use our vulnerability to become stronger?
Post Traumatic Growth (PTG)


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