Thursday, 20 July 2017

Weekly Discussion Summary ~ Survivor's Guilt

How does it feel to lose a loved one to cancer?

This was our discussion topic this week, introduced with reference to 'survivor's guilt', the stark reality of our mortality, our sense of how unfair life can be, and our resilience which somehow enables us to carry on.

This topic stirred deep and raw emotion in our members, given that our membership embraces women with both secondary and primary diagnoses.  We heard many moving tales of loss, of fear and injustice, of pain and sadness. However some members reported finding comfort, much later, in fond memories;  and gratitude is something many of our members cherish alongside their vulnerability.

We heal, we learn to accept, because we have to.

One member gave us this poignant poem, which says it all.

Lost another soldier,
Buddie next to me,
The line has got thinner,
So very lonely,

Back up has left,
Can't believe they've gone,
In my head & heart,
I carry their spirit on,

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