Wednesday 26 July 2017

Weekly Discussion Summary ~ Getting it right

This week we shared heartwarming tales of things people had done for us or said to us during our cancer treatment. We often focus on the negatives, remembering clumsy words from colleagues or friends who made themselves scarce. This time, we talked about the unique contribution special people had made to our lives, uninvited and with thoughtful sensitivity. The things they said that hit the spot and made us feel understood and cherished.

As the conversation grew and our members started to reflect on their experiences, a remarkable sense of warmth and caring shone through the comments, with numerous unique and understanding acts and words of kindness flowing freely from the woodwork of our thoughts.

Generous acts came from all around us - partners, parents, siblings, friends. And for those with children, a recognition of how hard our diagnosis hit them but also how they were able to adapt, accept, muck in and often laugh with us, with many saying the right thing at the right time alongside a big hug. Strangers, too, often touched us with their kindness, and some became friends as a result. Work colleagues surprised us with gestures which showed they were on our side.

Some women like to be left alone when not feeling well and appreciated friends who popped by with a gift and a good wish but didn't intrude. Others were delighted to have someone to sit with them, quietly,  just to be there.

We have members with both primary and secondary diagnoses, and being treated 'normally' but with consideration is so important for all of us. Yes we have or have had cancer, but we still want to hear about your lives - we may be fragile but we won't break.

Although having cancer is no walk in the park, many women reflected that the support they received made them realise how much they are loved. We thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for understanding what we needed and for being there.

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