Monday, 5 October 2020

Joanne's story: BRiC for Breast Cancer Awareness


I was diagnosed last October with stage 3 breast cancer, I was in the hospital every couple of weeks for scans then put on ribociclib to help shrink the lump down. It had gone from 3 to 9 cms in a couple months and in my lymph nodes. Then covid happened and my BCN vanished and it was months of empty waiting rooms sitting alone. Finally the surgery happened 7 weeks ago a bilateral mastectomy, first time I went in for it my temperature was a bit high so they sent me home, second time the surgeon was on annual leave as I had no idea who I was seeing, literally.. I couldn’t tell you who operated on me. I haven’t see a full face of the people treating me since the start of the year. I’m now waiting on an infection to clear so I can start chemo and have had to chase up the results on a extra tumour that was found after surgery. 5 weeks makes me wonder how far behind they are and overworked they must be. Im in fear now, that Covid is going to put us back to more hold ups in treatments. Cancer alone is hard enough!


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