Sunday, 25 October 2020

Debbie: BRiC for Breast Cancer Awareness


Hi everyone, I wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming support I was offered yesterday (by BRiC members.) I reached out and the response was incredible.

In any circumstances, a diagnosis can be an isolating and frightening thing. However, with Covid too, I feel we are all living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

My situation with secondaries has changed quickly and as a result I feel/felt disempowered and very lost. I slipped into being a patient and not me. I really miss my monthly support group, contact with Macmillan has only just been reinstated and while everyone at the hospital is lovely, I do not feel part of the process.

Yesterday many of you offered such compassion and support. I was also offered excellent information that means I can have some agency and know better what questions to ask. I am so very grateful.
I'm still on rocky ground but picking my way forward instead of feeling frozen to the spot.

This is such a wonderful space, thank you all for being wonderfully you xx
- Debbie


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