Friday, 6 March 2020

World Lymphedema Day, 2020

Today is World Lymphedema Day, and BRiC is raising awareness of this debilitating chronic disease in breast cancer.

Lymphedema which means excessive heavy swelling of body tissue, affects around 20% of women with breast cancer and is known to be a side effect of treatment. Excessive swelling in the arms means that the lymphatic drainage system isn’t working properly. It is a chronic disease that can be debilitating.

Our members today discussed how Lymphedema can occur any time after treatment, up to many years after surgery in fact. It can be depressing when normal sleeves won’t fit. Infection of course is a horrid side effect, making us ill as a result.

We have been able to manage Lymphedema by massage and cream. Some of our members also reported that weight and resistance training have helped loads. Specialist sleeves are also available. Thank you to all the nurses who have helped us deal with Lymphedema.

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