Monday, 30 December 2019

BRiC's Collective Voice: What have you done to make you feel proud? Dec. 14, 2019.

Our Sunday discussion this week was a little bit different; inspired by music played at the Breast Cancer Now fashion show we thought about “What have you done today to make you feel proud?”

The thoughts of our members ranged from small, but important achievements, to huge accomplishments and unusual activities. We had people raising vital funds for charities, taking part in races and walks, often overcoming aches and pains to manage it. Many of our members were proud that they had taken time out for themselves, a lazy morning lie-in or a pampering session were mentioned, a shopping trip with a friend or a special lunch treat. One lady had a fabulous photo shoot, stepping right outside her comfort zone. Some were proud of keeping up with exercise regimes or starting new ones.

There was some focus on the upcoming festivities too. One member said that she was proud to have shopped locally for Christmas gifts, supporting local businesses in her community. Another felt her biggest achievement was putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. For others the decorating was of the more traditional kind, paint and wallpaper conquered and homes refreshed.

For some members just joining in the discussion was a personal achievement, sharing with others isn’t always easy for everyone; many members are proud of our group and the friendship it fosters. On a similar theme one member talked about taking time to visit elderly neighbours and how much joy both she and they get from the visits. Many of our members take time to help others, to work with charities and give back to those who have helped them in the past. Forgiveness and “letting things go” also featured in our list of things to be proud of.

There were tales of speaking to large numbers of people, or attending events they might usually avoid. There was also talk about future plans: targets set for 2020 and ideas for ways to help others, courses to attend and things to look forward to – often things unrelated to breast cancer to move the focus in our lives. Our group has members with primary and secondary diagnoses and our achievements reflect the wide range of both physical and emotional restrictions caused by our cancer. Some members mentioned feeling proud of how they have coped with their illness and treatment, despite the difficulties they bring.

It was uplifting to hear everyone sharing the things they were proud of, achievements big and small, but all equally important and shared in an atmosphere of support and friendship.

If you are a woman in the UK who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and would like to join our private group, please add your name as a comment below or send us a private message and we will be in touch x

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