Saturday, 26 January 2019

Weekly Discussion Summary ~ Coping with the January blues

Coping with the January Blues 

On the day before 'blue Monday', apparently the most miserable day of the year, our weekly discussion focused on how to beat the January Blues. 

For a few of us, January is a month of peaceful hibernation, a time to rest in readiness for more active times to come, observing those hopeful harbingers of Spring: a snowdrop here, a birdsong there, catkins dangling from the still bare tree branches and blue skies which belie the chill in the air.  For others, January means it's been a long time since the before-Christmas pay day, and the cold short days and long dark nights drag on as we endeavour to keep new year's resolutions made with a brave heart and try to hold ourselves together amidst our sadness. 

Our members agreed that staying active and doing something to keep our minds occupied helps us to feel more cheerful. Sometimes the smallest of activities can lift our mood, from the satisfaction of tidying up to taking a short stroll out of doors.  

Here is a list of little cheered-uppers that our members suggested for you to pick from! 

- read a good book
- do some craft work
- bake, cook
- count your blessings 
- treat shop - a lipstick, a candle 
- browse seed catalogues 
- keep going with that challenge - dry or RED January or that healthy diet, step challenge
- potter outside
- write it down 
- see a friend for a natter 
- plan and maybe even book a holiday 
- do a puzzle 
- have a good cry - very therapeutic 
- catch some Pokemon! 
- eat indulgently - crumpets anyone?
- watch a good movie
- practice yoga, at home or find a class 
- get up a team and to a pub quiz
-  sale shopping, bag a bargain! 
- buy spring flowers for indoors, hyacinths perhaps. 
- treat hands and feet with a nice cream 
- try something new - a book group? An art class? 
- a little wine. If you're not doing dry January, obviously 
- plan days out, even a wedding for a few!
-go swimming
-de-clutter - just tidying out one small drawer can be hugely satisfying 
- if you're really struggling, get help. See your GP or seek out counselling

Having something to look forward to is a great mood lifter, although for some of our members the stress of having cancer means we don't want to look too far ahead. For those of us with anxiety about the future, finding joy in everyday small pleasures works best. One day at a time, the evenings draw out, the sun rises a little earlier and Spring is on the horizon. With the help and support of each other, we will get through.

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