Sunday, 30 September 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2018 ~ #MyBreastCancerTruth


October can be a difficult month for those of us undergoing treatment for primary and secondary breast cancer, as well as those living with its effects. For all that we appreciate the pink-ribbon symbol and the efforts of charities to raise vital funds for research and support on our behalf, the prominence given to breast cancer - and arguably on preventing breast cancer - can be very painful for those of us who have already developed the disease.

This year, for our Breast Cancer Awareness Month project, we asked our members to tell us what matters most to them in terms of information about primary and secondary breast cancer.

The results are eye-opening.

Over the course of October we are sharing the stories of real women living with primary and secondary breast cancer. Our project #MyBreastCancerTruth highlights that breast cancer is more than a single story.

We are the women behind the statistics. We are the women whose lives are rich and meaningful, whose contributions to their families and communities are significant, despite our disease. We are the real women behind the statistics, we are not 'patients,' we are mothers, daughters, sisters, partners and friends. We are all women everywhere.

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