Thursday 7 June 2018

Volunteers Week 1-7 June 2018 ~ BRiC Members

It's #VolunteersWeek, and we've been sharing the many and varied ways our members volunteer their time and efforts to help others.
First up are Sarah-Jane, Suzannah and Jocelyn who run a breast reconstruction group to support women who are thinking of reconstruction following cancer diagnosis. The group, Keeping Abreast Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, meets at Lister Hospital Stevenage every 6 weeks.
It really helps women who are considering their options and they can see results for others who have gone through a similar thing.
#VolunteersWeek #BRiCMembers

"'s enriched my life no end..."
This week, we are celebrating #VolunteersWeek

"I volunteer doing home checks for animal rescues with the animal team in London. I have 5 rescue dogs and cats from Romania and I love giving up some time to help home other rescue dogs 🐶 I’ve made so many new friends."

It's #VolunteersWeek and we are thrilled to showcase the many ways our members, all women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, give something back to their communities.
Today we hear from Beverley about volunteering in her local hospice! Do give her a big cheer!
#VolunteersWeek #BRiCMembers

#VolunteersWeek ~ Sarajane
"I am a volunteer junkie and have been all my life, I get so much from it. I volunteer with the RAF Air Cadets, Cricket Without Boundaries (using cricket to spread HIV & AIDS messages in Uganda) and with the local wildlife trust. I do get tired but it is so worth it 😊"
Well done Sarajane! #BRiCMembers

‘I can't wait and want to give something back.'

This #VolunteersWeek we’re sharing the stories of some our wonderful members, like Lisa, who support others.

#VolunteersWeek ~Jasmin
"I’m a volunteer speaker, reviewer and fund raiser for Breast Cancer Care - I’ve been involved in the Fashion show for 5 years, I’ve modelled bras and trained bra fitters, was at the launch of the FAB1 pink Rolls Royce and interviewed for Vita magazine.
I’m also a member of the London and S. East Volunteer Forum for Macmillan, and I’m a reviewer, a voice and a fund raiser. I was lucky enough to be invited to Buckingham Palace by Macmillan earlier this year where I met HRH Prince Charles.
I volunteer at Race for Life for Cancer Research where I give talks on the stage, Marshall at events or help my friend on her burger van where we make a large donation to CRUK.
Volunteering kept me going through the toughest days and has given me a reason for having that dreadful disease. It makes me happy if I can bring comfort to others by sharing my experience."

"I would not have been able to get through my diagnosis and treatment without the support of my fellow volunteer guiders" ~ Kim
This week is #VolunteersWeek and we are celebrating the invaluable contribution made by our members to volunteering. This time it's Kim's turn to take centre stage!
Find out more about Vounteers Week here:…/what-is-volunteers-week/

"I’m a volunteer for CoppaFeel which is a breast cancer awareness charity. We educate people on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Our message is that early detection and self checking/awareness is so important 😊"

In our last post for #VolunteersWeek, here's our very own Anita talking about volunteering for a local community cafe:
"I volunteer for my local community cafe. We support young people with learning difficulties and disabilities in serving the public which helps their confidence and self-esteem.
I work in the cafe one day a week and I am also an admin for the Facebook page. I have retired and this gives me a feeling of belonging to a 'work' family and the pleasure of seeing the smiles of happy customers and staff is very fulfilling."

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