Friday, 29 December 2017

Poem by Debbie

We are delighted to have been given permission to share this poem by Debbie which describes the complexity of her reaction on finding out she had breast cancer and the approach she decides to take to treatment:

The moment was surreal,
The words did not sink in.
The moment I was told of the cancer growing within.
My whole world just collapsed,
My feelings were just numb,
This really isn’t happening,
I should be having fun.
Why did it have to choose me?
What was it I did wrong?
My reactions are to fall apart,
But I know I must stay strong.
I live alone, what will I do?
How am I going to cope?
But a voice inside says ‘fight it girl’
And never give up hope.
So, fight is what I’m going to do
Though the journey will be tough
But I know that I will conquer it
If I fight hard enough.
And I know there will be dark days,
When it gets too much to bear.
And I’ll have to learn to take the support
That’s for me out there.
And so begins the journey
I hoped I’d never have to make.
And I know the road is bumpy,
Whichever route I take.
But I know I’m going to beat it,
And I know it will take time.
But hear me cancer when I say
“The victory will be mine”
By Debbie

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