Saturday 8 October 2016

Day 8 #pathways2resilience ~ Lynn

Special Feature Edition: Pathways to Resilience: Embracing our Vulnerability, Celebrating our Resilience

"I've learned to not to take life for follow my dreams...."

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and Paget's disease. I thought my world had come crashing down.

My first thought was how I'm I going to get my breasts out for all these strangers I'd never met before - doctors, nurses, wound nurses etc. Well let me tell you every person I met along the way treated me with nothing but dignity and care, how wrong my concerns were. I was very lucky as it was caught very early. I had to endure a mastectomy and then a reconstruction that failed. I'm now awaiting a further reconstruction.

It may sound strange to say I wouldn't change being diagnosed with cancer, honestly! I've learnt what matters and what doesn't, I've learnt how to step off the wheel of life when needed, I've learnt not to take life for granted, I've learnt to follow my dreams, who my real friends are. Lastly I've learnt to take control. Don't be frightened, don't be scared. If you have any worries or concerns please seek medical advice. I did and it's saved my life.

Lynn, another wonderful member of our centre, shares her resilience with us for our month long feature.

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