Thursday, 6 October 2016

Day 6 #pathways2resilience ~ Jane

Pathways to Resilience: Embracing our Vulnerability, Celebrating our Resilience

"My proud moment...."

My proud moment this year was on my 54th birthday in May when I ran the Oxford Town and Gown 10km, a race I used to do annually pre diagnosis.

I had my name down to do it in May 2015 (last year) but my husband left me, suddenly that month (for another woman ...... great for the morale!!) and I lost a stone in weight, so running was out of the question.

This year I did it, which psychologically meant so much. At the time I was involved in a nasty divorce in High Court in London, just the kind of stress I needed, but running helped keep my head together. The divorce took my mind off the cancer(!!!!) and running took my mind off the divorce.

Following the race Jane wrote on her Facebook page:

“Today was a milestone for me, not just due to it being my birthday. I also took part in the Town & Gown race in Oxford this morning, which was psychologically a ‘big deal’ to me and the first time since my cancer diagnosis. I am not a competitive person by nature but am quite competitive with myself; always need to beat my previous time on my last race. I had hoped to do this run last year but personal circumstances meant I wasn't up to it.

So today was finally the day to see if I was back on form. I am never going to break any land speed records but I am pleased to say I took 2 minutes off my pre-cancer time.”

Thanks to Jane, another wonderful member of our centre, for sharing her resilience story with us for our month long feature.

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