Saturday, 1 October 2016

Day 1 #pathways2resilience ~ Launch

Pathways to Resilience: Embracing our Vulnerability, Celebrating our Resilience

All through October, the Centre for Building Resilience in Breast Cancer will be sharing a daily post showcasing the resilience of some of our members. We are absolutely delighted to be able to share the stories of women of all ages, with a primary or secondary diagnosis of breast cancer: these are the stories of our lives, of the psychological vulnerability that we continue to endure and the challenges that we bravely take on, becoming resilient, surviving to the best of our ability, making every day count.

Educated by scientific knowledge and practice into brain function and emotional health, we are all learning ways to turn our vulnerability into strength and flexibility, increasing our efficiency towards a more fulfilled life and they will be talking about their many stunning achievements.

Our members’ stories showcase how they continue to grow from the vulnerability that they take forward. They speak about how change in the face of uncertainty and fear when living with cancer, and the effects of cancer, is possible and how it is possible to attain change for the better, showing that psychological flexibility towards resilience can be achieved. The resilience challenge is tough and sometimes perceived as unattainable due to the vulnerability that breast cancer leaves us with, but it can be practiced. This is our Centre’s aim - to practice resilience while enduring our sensitivity.

Read each of our incredible our members stories to find out how they have each achieved this.

We thank them all for their dedicated efforts and their support of this project.

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