Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The End of the Beginning: Dropping the Breast Cancer Bomb ~ Naz ~ HuffPost Blog

So, you've met someone. You like them. You think they like you. But you have a secret.......

"When IS the right time to drop the breast cancer bomb?.........
For a woman who is encouraged to ‘move on’ a simple track does not exist. It takes time, years more appropriately, to be able to feel what you once did, or the memory of the return. The scars, the limitations, the menopause, tamoxifen side effects, and the agony, that fear of recurrence, that you may, just may, end up inflicting on the innocent ‘other’: is that justified? Yes, it takes two to tango, but what is that they say about love? It is blind, it is dedication, it is commitment: until death do us apart. The end of the beginning."

Read Naz's beautiful and emotional blog post about finding and losing your heart:

Blog published on HuffPostUK, 13th July 2016

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