Aims of the Blog

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Our blog is open to any woman living with the UK who has had a diagnosis of breast cancer. It is open to women of any age and at any stage in their treatment, including women with a primary diagnosis, women with a diagnosis of secondary breast cancer and women who have finished their treatment. 

We have three aims:

·        To provide an inclusive space which represents the many voices of women with a breast cancer diagnosis.

·        To share findings on research on how we can promote psychological resilience, in a clear, accessible way.

·        To celebrate the many achievements of women who have a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our hope is that the blog becomes an insightful collection of voices which highlights the complexity of our different experiences and how we live with and beyond our diagnosis.

1 comment:

anil said...

what a blog, excellent! it is, i had read the content in your blog is about aspiration,antiD Use, body image,brcai. hope u helpful all other members who are waiting for fain the knowledge.